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Reno: Cory Doctorow Q&A and signing

August 28, 2015 at Grassroots Books in Reno, NV.

Q&A from 6:30-7pm
Booksigning 7pm

Cory is a science fiction and nonfiction author, former European director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, co-founder of the UK Open Rights Group, and teacher of writing fiction at Clarion West. A Canadian/Brit, he recently relocated from London to Los Angeles.

The book LITTLE BROTHER has been selected for One School/One Book for all of San Francisco schools, but its positive view of questioning authority and lauding “hacker culture” have led to the book being challenged in other states.

LITTLE BROTHER’s sequel, HOMELAND, is shown in the movie Citizenfour, and the story starts at Burning Man. Both novels are available free on Cory’s website.

He is the originator of Doctorow’s Law: “Anytime someone puts a lock on something you own, against your wishes, and doesn’t give you the key, they’re not doing it for your benefit.”

If there’s any time left after book signing, Cory will stick around to chat until we close at 8pm.

Until Aug 31: All new Cory Doctorow books 40% off list price. EFF info available free.

This event is free! If you were seeing him in a bigger city, you’d almost certainly be buying a ticket.

Please RSVP my comment, message, or phone 775-828-2665.

Address: 660 E Grove St, Reno
Cory Doctorow Q&A and signing

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